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Children's University

At Essendine this year we continue to be part of an exciting scheme called Children’s University!


We are working alongside Westminster University to aim to inspire, encourage children to learn independently and raise their aspiration that university is accessible for all. The children of Essendine can take part in this through extracurricular activities in the form of lectures, workshops, visits to museums/galleries at the weekend, sports clubs, language schools and their own research projects (anything outside of school that contributes to learning!) In addition we hold workshops run by local businesses. Children are then asked to record their extracurricular activities in hours in the hope to achieve graduation by the end of the year. The more hours they do, the greater their graduation certification will be.

Children will be given a passport to record other activities which will be kept in school. Our students must remember to fill in the passports with things they do at the weekend or before/after school.

We would love if you as parents, carers and guardians can work with us to help our pupils acquire new skills and confidence in their own learning.

For more information visit the below websites