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The North Westminster Federation Governing Board is made up of a team of volunteers both from within and outside the school community. The governing board focuses on the long-term strategic development and improvement of both Hallfield and our partner school, Essendine Primary; this includes promoting the effective management of the schools, policy making, staff appointments and ensuring the schools' budgets are planned well and spent wisely.


The full governing board meets at least seven times a year. We have a sub committee which also meet 3 times a year to discuss issues in more depth. They are the Resource Committee. 


The Board is responsible for ensuring the school budget is spent wisely, the maintenance of the school ground, health and safety issues and the well-being of the school staff.



The clerk to governors is Mrs S Jacobs.  All correspondence to governors should be addressed to:


Mrs S Jacobs

Hallfield Primary School

Hallfield Estate


W2 6JJ




For information related to the board of Governors of the North Westminster Federation please click here to be taken to the appropriate page in the federation website.